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Missing Spirit : Our spirit can be continued.......

Missing spirt : Our spirits can be continued…
Started with a very interesting process of getting 3 people together in one team who had not known each other before after passing the first round of critique.

DDD (3D) was easily created as the team name from the same labels we got and numbers of the team member which is 3. Also D in thai means good so we were like…..3 good people!!!
Three of us, sitting in front of each other, introducing ourselves and followed with explaining our work again in detail to each other.

Bew, silapakorn guy, seemed to have a very strong interest in meaning of things. The meaning of things that can have effects to people.
Beer, the public guy, seemed to have a clear interest in creating public phenomena in sharing/exchanging ideas among people.
Ploy, was strongly interested in creating a particular material that has an effect to people.
(all our first work sent to ASA will be put in here very soon!!! )

All of us, got together, trying to talk a lot about the same issue we got as before we passed the first round, what we thought and manipulating with all our ideas and strong interests into the design.
The rules of the competition was the space for the structure we were creating could be in 3x3x12 m3. And we had to be people who did all the construction details and deal with workers during the construction.

We spent 2 days of talking about our opinions about the Missing Spirit issue based on our different interests and we came up with a lot key words which led us to know how we could organize them all into one piece of work.

Missing Sprit : what we thought was………
“ I thought of a feeling of when u lose something and u feel that there’s no more…….no more”
“ yeh and I also think that something we see and lift up our spirit “
“ hmm……who’s gonna create it?”
“ Do we have to feel sad?”
“Do we have to stay with being lost?”
what is talking about something missing for ?”
is it for emphasizing yourself?
Whats good for emphasizing yourself?
Is it for getting ready?
Is it for looking at other people?
Is it about living with other people?
Is it about U and others?
Is it about sharing?
Is it about communicating?

These questions were said during our discussion and, based on our interests, we agreed to create something that is about -
Reminding what already happened in order to emphasize things that already happen and be a lesson for the future.
After reminding, it’s about lifting up the sprit. Not just stay there with the lost or sorrow, but also take the emphasize as a lesson and trying to get out of the sorrow.
Sharing, the place or things that people can affect each other to show that we are not living alone or facing problems alone, also to create a feeling of there are still a lot of people around u.

That’s the start of MISSING SPIRIT, OUR SPRIT CAN BE CONTINUED………………………….
Process :
We thought of a space where a lot of people can come to show and share their ideas of the issues if diferrent types of lost which are;

1. Tsunami
2. Infection ( disease )
3. Environtment
4. The south ( southern Thailand )
5. ………………….( anything )
At that time, we also thought about exchanging massages not just between people who come and share their ideas and feelings, but also other people who r not around the construction by creating something that people can come, share their ideas, leave their messages and also get that massages back with them like a moving messenger.
Also, the more people come and share, the symbol of people “People come, share, and stay together shows”……that is what we were hoping……….

So we had 5 cards in the same format with different colors just to differentiate 5 different issues and be a symbol that shows what is HOT/ people attention during that time.
Also, the construction was designed based on the rules and of course, we thought about the most possible way to show the SHARING amount we were hoping. So the construction fitted on the maximum size of the rule….except the height as there was difficulty of getting all the cards up to the top.

We named our piece of work “ Generocity Rain “ which comes from Generosity and City ( actually we didn’t know much about mixing words in English but we just tried based on our understanding!!!)
Intending to make this structure as something that comes from large group of people giving peple hope. That is why we put Rain in order to emphasize the large amount and get the feeling of hope.

Feelings of large amount of something put together and falling into u when u get inside.
Whats hot now…will be shown on the structure. Can be seen from the colours.
The little card that can be taken with the sharer will act as a message to other people to come and share….more and more….or just act as symbol generosity that is already given.

Offset printing : The very small shop opposite Silapakorn uni saved our lives from the LABOUR DAY!!!! That most of the labour wokers did not work when we needed them!!!!
These are the ways we agreed to put into our work…..to get everybody proud and to be able to smile together……………………………………….

Hehehe……1st prize……..ASA

Happy ending

“ ohh….what r we gonna do with the money?.....


Thanks : Beer Ploy Bew and all the inspirations we had……